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Computer Light Ring | LED

Computer Light Ring | LED - Ementer

Computer Light Ring | LED

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Don't feel left in the dark during these unprecedented times. Propel your professional and academic career forward into a guaranteed bright future.  

With a scarily fast setup time you will outperform everyone in your workplace online and in person.

Not only is it great for conference calls, but also acts as an adjustable lighting for studies, Youtube videos, TikToks and lots more. 

Look good. Look Professional. 

 Product Features
  • Package: Yes
  • Color Temperature: 3300-5600 K
  • Model: 6/8 inch Ring light
  • Size: 20cm*20cm
  • LED: Lasts up to 20 years
  • Recyclable
  • Durable Metal Frame
  • Adjustable brightness
  • 4 different colour settings designed for focus and efficiency
  • Boosts cognitive function and learning performance



LED lights provide a more powerful and 90% more efficient lighting source than incandescent light bulbs. Not only is it cheaper, but it also decreases power costs. Its long lasting capabilities save money and energy, giving you some extra pocket change!


LED lights are the safest lighting source available on the market. With little to no warmth generated by LEDs, it is safe to touch even after hours of use. 

Fact: LEDs produce 3.4 btu’s/hour vs. the 85 created by incandescent bulbs.

Health Benefits

4 major health benefits:

- LEDs help align circadian rhythm: 

LED lighting technology allows LEDs to imitate the stimulus that's provided by natural light. When natural light is insufficient, being exposed to a finely tuned LED lighting source, such as this product, is largely enough for your daily intake according to leading physiologists and psychologists. 

- LEDs reduce headaches and migraines:

Light sensitivity is a common source for migraine and headache symptoms. If you are exposed to flickering fluorescent bulbs or an inappropriate lighting source it can have adverse side-effects. This product can solve this issue for you, creating a better environment for you to work and be headache free. This product was specially designed to give you adjustable lighting with an array of 4 different colours and brightness levels, so you can adjust to the lighting levels you wish!

- LEDs boost focus and learning performance:        

Unsettling lighting is a common occurrences in schools, offices and at home. Having an appropriate lighting source has been proven to increase the wellness of students and workers. When LEDs are placed in work or learning environments, serious increases in productivity have been observed and attributed to LED lights.

- LEDs decrease stress and anxiety:                       

Humans thrive in sunlight. When we are not exposed to enough sunlight our behaviour and mood changes with it. This has been observed to cause stress, anxiety and seasonal effective disorder which can lead to a point where you need treatment. Having this product reduces that possibility, mimicking natural light and mood effects.


This product is durable, as LEDs are constructed with a semiconductor material rather than a filament or neon gas. The LED light is comprised of many tiny chips enclosed in an epoxy plant enclosure. This makes the LEDs far more durable and long-lasting than traditional lighting bulbs. 


This product is made of non-toxic materials, unlike other forms of lighting such as those that use mercury, which may pose a threat to the environment. 

Recyclable and earth-friendly. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews


The Adjustable Ring Light is an essential for anyone at home during this quarantine. Beautifully lights up my room. Great for zoom meetings. 

Edward Pierce

Great product for me, everyone should be using one of these. Going to buy the mini phone ring light for my daughter.

Elizabeth Brown

Once you buy one of these you can never go back to not having one!! Incredible for make up, I truly suggest everyone gets one!!

Melissa Bensousan

I recently bought the Mini LED Ring Light and haven't looked back since. Super useful if you use your phone as your main camera. 

Lucy Winston
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