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At Ementer, we come to work everyday because we want to improve and facilitate the way we are all presented online. By creating an expanding network of online-presentation related products, we aim to help our customers look their best in the digital sphere. We know from our 2000 plus customers that the ‘work from home’ lifestyle can be challenging at times. A simple issue like lighting is the last thing you would want to worry about.

That’s why we came together to work on simplifying all of your work from home experiences. Our current selection of ring lights offer a versatile and easy way to look good and professional online, but its just the start. If it's for business conferences, school/university video calls, even TikToks etc…, Ementer has you covered. With more products on the way to help you with the ‘work from home’ experience, stay tuned to Ementer Shopping or sign up to our newsletter. 



Max Harding

Co-Founder & CEO 


Emma Joynt

Co-Founder & COO



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