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What are the Health Benefits of Light Therapy?

Its main benefit is the treatment of illnesses due to various disturbances of the internal biological clock. However, light therapy has also been proven to help to heal and boost immunity.


1-How does it work?

By entering the human body through the eyes, light plays a fundamental role in the regulation of circadian rhythms i.e. those that occur in about 24 hours (waking, sleeping, body temperature and hormone levels, diet, etc.). However, many of them may not last 24 hours. They are synchronized with external environmental signals (including daylight) to maintain the correct cycle. As a result, light is involved in the constant adjustment of our internal clock. It also controls other biological rhythms of different lengths such as women’s menstruation period.

When our internal cycle is no longer synchronized with natural daily rhythm, disturbances appear within our bodies. The most obvious example is the experience of jet lag which deregulates our notion of day and night. You can reset your body clock by exposing yourself to light at certain times of the day or taking melatonin pills to make you sleep at night.


When light is directly projected into the eyes, it converts itself into electrical signals, which are subsequently sent to the brain to act on neurotransmitters. One of these neurotransmitters, serotonin, is commonly known as the "happiness hormone”. The latter adjusts moods and controls the production of melatonin, which is responsible for sleep-wake cycles.


2-The benefits of light therapy:


-Helps fight against winter blues

-Promotes sleep

-Relieves states of depression

-Helps to regulate its power supply

-Helps healing chronic pain

-Accelerates healing

-Treats skin problems (acne, psoriasis)

-Anti-aging action

-Anti-inflammatory action

-Stimulates the immune system

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