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The relationship between a Contemporary Artist and her LED computer Ring Light

Today we have interviewed Nathalie Elemento, a contemporary artist and former customer at Ementer Shopping. She has kindly agreed to answer a set of questions and share her experience using the LED computer Light Ring with us.

Why have you decided to purchase the LED computer Ring Light ?

Nathalie Elemento: “ When I am not willing to go to my art studio, I still have to work from home. Working at home means spending hours and hours on my computer perfecting design, answering emails…Sometimes I am just not willing to light up the whole house. The LED computer ring light creates a privileged space, a bubble in which I can work in peace.

What role does the product play in your daily life?

N.E: “It allows me to, if I could say, to “switch on and switch off my mind”. In other words, when I switch on the light I enter my work-sphere. It gives me the sensation of having limits and a more defined schedule.

When you switch on the lighting device, does it trigger something in you?

N.E: “Indeed, once the light is on my concentration becomes unerring. It genuinely gives me the opportunity of being with myself, and that is what artists need the most.”

What does the circular shape remind you of?

N.E: “It makes me think of a light well. It is paradoxical and pleasing at the same time because it provides me with a framework but it doesn't limit my thinking.

Would you recommend this lamp to other artists? Why?

N.E: “Definitely! It is one of the rare lighting device which is adaptable to its environment. For my part, I do not clip it to my laptop but much prefer attaching it to the side of my desk. Moreover, the product is unbreakable. I would recommend it to other artists: as you know artists are one of a kind. The ring light has an adjustable brightness thus I can decide which luminosity coincides to my current need. To be honest, I use it as a lamp but also as a therapeutic object. Its circular shape represent the union of body and mind. It is as if this ring light brings your body and your mind together in one place and thus allows you to work in a space that only belongs to you.

Many Thanks to Nathalie Elemento for her time and sincerity. We hope her experience will give you an idea of what the use of Ring Lights can bring to everyday life.

If you too would like to share your experience using Ring Lights with us, feel free to contact us at !

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