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The Bright History Of Light

On a December evening, two ring lights (a mother LED computer Ring Light and her son Mini Ring Light for Mobile phones) were walking in the woods. Mini Ring Light was a curious child, thirsty for culture and knowledge. He kept on asking his mother, LED computer Ring Light, a thousand questions about the cycle of life, the water cycle, wildlife and flora...

His mother was responding to him with gentleness and patience when suddenly a frightening thunderstorm broke out. The mother-son duo took shelter somehow near a bush. The child did not understand why his mother was not willing to take refuge under the branches of a majestic tree that took root in front of them. In his mother's arms, Mini LED ring light was daydreaming when all of a sudden a thunderbolt came out of the sky and struck the gigantic tree in front of them. As a result, a fire broke out in the branches of this motionless being. His mane of leaves was blazing. Frightened, Mini hugged his mummy tight as one would hold on to a life preserver.

Surprised by the reaction of her little one, LED computer ring light had a brilliant idea.

She told him: " Do not be scared Mini, what you see is merely our ancestor"

Intrigued, the young boy forgot his fear and said: "This cannot be our ancestor mum! It has no USB plug, no adjustable brightness and if you touch it burns you"

His mother gave him a faint smile and replied: " You are right, however, the light community was not always as evolved and modern as we are. I am going to tell you the story of our family. Just relax and listen."

That's how Mother Ring Light began a long monologue on the history of light through the centuries:

"Light has always existed. The sun is a light. However, the creation of lamps marked the appropriation of light by humans. The word lamp comes from the Greek meaning torch. The first lighting devices were torches lit with fire. Humans replicated what they saw in nature and thus invented Oil lamps, lighting fuels, Gaslight...

Then came electricity and, with it, the invention of the incandescent light by Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison"

Mini: "Oh we have talked about them in History class !"

Mother Ring Light: " So what can you tell me about them?"

Mini: " I only remember that it has marked the first time humans were controlling light and commercializing it under the name of lamp"

Mother Ring Light: " You are right Mini! It was followed by many others such as street lamps, vapour lamps, neon signs... Up until fluorescent lamps were created by Friedrich Meyer in 1927. The latter was a huge progress in terms of efficiency."

Mini: " I see! We actually have an enormous family!"

Mother: "Yes but our branches of the lamp family was only created for commercial use in 1968 by the Monsanto Company"

Mini: " So we are the newest of a kind!" exclaimed the little boy.

Suddenly the storm ceased. Mother Ring Light smiled gently and answered:" The newest and the more advanced as well. We last for years, we do not pollute and we are by far the most efficient form of lighting!. We are brighter beings than humans even"

Mother looked at Mini who had fallen asleep exhausted by all the emotions. She switched off the light of her son, took him in her arms and carried the little boy all the way home".

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