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How to choose your best angle for portraits

"It is not my best profile"

How often have you taken pictures of yourself and been disappointed in the result?

Even if you resign yourself not to publish any more portraits on your Instagram, the professional world catches you up and wants to get the best profile out of you.

Ementer LED Ring Lights are a great help when it comes to luminosity and framing, however, we must not lose sight of choosing the right angle.

Today, Ementer Shopping is here to give you 4 tips for getting the perfect angle for your portraits. Angles are a personal matter: what flatters one subject can be ridiculous on someone else! But be reassured we all have this angle that suits us best and once you find it life becomes much simpler.


1. Direct Portrait

Face to face with the camera sounds scary but it is actually one of the best ways to bring out your natural beauty. On more professional social networks such as Facebook or Linkedin, this "straight on shot" method will give you a more frank and reliable look. However, if you have a complex about a broken nose, protruding ears or your face's symetry it is better to favour less direct and therefore more flattering angles.


2. Side Profile

We all remember the 2010 joke of posting a side profile pictureof ourselves as our facebook profile picture. All kiding aside, it is not such a bad idea.

If you have a broken nose, it is a way to embrace this particularity which makes you unique. Ladies add a ponytail or a bun and let the world discover your princely head carriage.

For those of you who struggle naturally smiling on portraits, side profile is also the way to go as it focuses on the eyesight and favours a more "serious" appearance.


3. Shot from down below

If you do not like the overall look of your face, you find it too large, not symetric enough... Shooting from down below is the answer! It will make your face appear slimmer and more regular.

Nevertheless, be careful not to abuse the "below" parameter as it could lead to the complete opposite results.


4. Above

Shooting from above is a good way to cope with unwanted length. Indeed, it will make you look smaller and therefore more comfortable posing.  This is mainly used by very tall people.


If you tried all possible angles and cannot seem to find the right one for you do not panic! There are several online tools such as Canva or Peach with which you can touch up your photographs or drop us a message at and we will be more than happy to help you!

These are only four ways to feel better about your look on portraits but keep in mind that your imperfections are what make you unique and beautiful.

If you dont like your imperfections, Ementer will like them for you!

With Ementer Shopping, be yourself: look good, look professionnal!

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