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How to be creative with your Ring Lights

With the growth of social media nowadays, Ring Lights are becoming more and more popular. They are very useful tools when it comes to capturing and perfecting images or videos you want to share to the world. Different types of Ring Lights exist. Each of them are designed for a specific use and purpose (see our blog post on how to choose the perfect LED ring light). However, their practical format and adaptability are a chance for you to let your creativity run wild. Ementer Shopping is here to give you a sense of your Ring Lights full potential.

When it comes to work, people often purchase the LED computer Light Ring. This lighting device directly attaches to your computer screen and enlightens your work environment. However, this does not mean that you have to own a computer to make good use of it. The object can easily be diverted from its original function. Indeed, its clip system makes the LED computer Light Ring mobile. Thus, you can clip it to multiple surfaces such as desks, benches, shelves and more. You want to relax without a screen in front of you and draw or paint near your open window but the lighting is bad? Don't panic, take your LED computer Ring Light and attach it directly to the table or window sill. You can also turn it into a bedside lamp and enjoy reading at night without damaging your eyesight.

Some of you may wish to purchase the LED computer Light Ring but are worried that its dimensions will not match the size of your computer screen. Ring Lights specially designed for computers can indeed be too heavy for laptop screens. Once again, do not stress! The mini LED Ring Light, originally designed for mobile phones, is the solution you are looking for. Indeed, its small size allows you to clip it efficiently to your computer's webcam. The lighting result is the same as with the Light Ring designed for computers.

From all our Ring Lights, the adjustable Ring Light is the one to go for if you wish to complete and optimise your interior design. Initially designed for taking selfies, the device has a twisting trunk which allows you to play with it and transform it according to your desires.

Don't be afraid to transform your Rings Light and to adapt them to your environment.

If you would like to share pictures of how you use your Ring Light with the Ementer family, feel free to contact us by email at or via our social platforms.

Stay positive and creative because anything is possible with Ementer Shopping!

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