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Best ways to stay healthy while tele-working

Lockdown can appear as a blessing for many. No need to get out and rush in the morning anymore, never late for work again. However, working from home brings its own new set of problems. It is all too easy to get distracted from your task and lose both productivity and efficiency.

Ementer Shopping is here to help you get through this period safely, successfully and with peace of mind. With our tips and tricks, home-working will be your preferred choice forevermore.


You need to create and personalize your work bubble to ease the transition between work and home life.

It is all a question of boundaries: choose a separate room that you can turn into an office or identify a specific area you can set aside for work. If you live with family or friends, ask them which space works best bearing in mind all of your schedules and needs. Make sure you have everything you need for work close at hand. Minimize the risk of getting distracted and optimize your levels of concentration!

There is no perfect set-up but you can make your workspace more welcoming and productive with the simple addition of a couple of items.

Ring Lights like the Computer Light Ring | LED are ideal for working from home. With its adjustable brightness, this light is designed to help you focus and reduce your stress. All you need to do is attach it to your computer and let the magic begin.

For nature-lovers, putting a potted plant or two on your desk can make all the difference. Plants are both inspiring and relaxing. Looking at a nice view or poster can also help you relax and puts the work you need to achieve into perspective.


Sticking to a routine is key for successful home working. You can, for instance, use an online working planner to establish working hours. What you need is to find the best daily rhythm for you. Set up reasonable goals to accomplish each day. Getting dressed on workdays also helps your brain get into work mode.

To get ready you can use the LED ring mirror light: its adjustable luminosity will help you wake up in the best conditions. It is also the perfect product for make-up addicts who can let their imaginations run wild.

It is important to stay both mentally and physically healthy. The best routine will always be one that corresponds to you and addresses your needs.


Whether it's your boss, your cousin or your best friend, social contact plays a very important role when it comes to staying healthy. Avoid isolation at all costs as it will prevent you from performing well in your work field.

To maximize the quality of your social interactions Ring Lights are a great answer :

-Look good when face-timing your loved ones thanks to the LED mini ring light for mobile phones. This ring light directly attaches to your smartphones and you can easily carry it all-around your house.

-Look professional during zoom meetings or conference calls with the Computer Light Ring | LED.

Keep in mind that even though lockdown won’t last forever, this moment of life is an opportunity for all of us to become the best version of ourselves.
Don't lose your good habits once this period is over but transform them so that they become compatible with your usual lifestyle.

Stay safe and positive with Ementer Shopping!

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  • elemento

    bravo et merci pour ces conseils !!Ils vont être utiles après les périodes de confinement
    Nous sommes tous de plus en plus “on-line” et la lumière est aussi un très bon signal on/off pour se mettre à travailler ,à réfléchir :bravo vos lumières aident à la concentration!!

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