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A Meteor Shower in the South of France

This Wednesday, July 29th marks the maximum of the swarm of the Southern Aquarid Delta, at the origin of a meteor shower that can be observed usually between mid-July and the end of August.

If today is the peak of this shooting star shower, the Southern Aquarid Delta can be observed from mid-July to the end of August. It is time for all the foreigners and Anglo-Saxon travellers to peacefully enjoy the beauty of a night in France!

How do you spot them?

The Southern Aquarides Delta can be observed at nightfall, after 9 pm in France. Then look for the Aquarius constellation, heading south-east. The radiant part of the shooting stars, the point from which they all seem to emanate, lies in this specific constellation.

How do you observe them?

In order to have a maximum chance of seeing one or more shooting stars, you must first find a place where the sky is as dark as possible i.e. far from any light pollution. Privileged a quiet place, high up where you will not be disturbed. You must also get your eyes used to stargazing. Usually it takes half an hour for our sight to be ready to spot them. Patience is thus essential and required.

To enjoy the full spectacle, the sky must be clear: Météo France is predicting a clear night in the South which will, therefore, be favourable for stargazing.

Set your Ementer Ring Light to low brightness, have a cup of tea and enjoy the French summer show!

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